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Ryan helped me to get extra benefits that I didn’t know I could get with Medicare. He is a very trustworthy agent that I have referred all my friends and family to.


I am really happy with the fantastic service me and my husband got from Ryan at R & D Senior Solutions. He was able to help us with our Life Insurance and Medicare needs. I would definitely recommend him to anybody.


Ryan was able to get me extra benefits from my Medicare that I did not know about. He has been dependable and ready to answer all my questions. R & D Senior Solutions has great customer service!

West Virginia

Very kind and knowledgeable staff that truly cares about you and your loved ones! They are here to help others and always go above and beyond to do so! This business is here to help others not take advantage of those in needs in order to bank on profits like most companies these days! Ryan and Denise are trustworthy empathetic easygoing people who make you feel at home and truly care about their community as well as anyone who needs help! They are super easy to talk to so even if your not sure if they can help they will do everything in their power to try and if all else fails you end up with a good conversation and the information you need for them to be able to help in the future! Many people have no clue the benefits they are eligible for but with their knowledge and skills they will get you what you deserve and are entitled to! Not to mention taking the stress out of end of life planning and making sure your family is taken care of! High key recommend you won’t regret it!

Cassie C.

Ryan is a very knowledgeable person. He is concerned with the people he works with. He set us up with the best insurance plan for us if you have any questions or needs all you have to do is call him or text him and he will answer very quickly I am very happy with the service he has given us.

Marsha M.

I got the Medicare advantage for my mom and grandma, it saved them so much money and also the extra benefits are great, which includes money for toiletries and personal items also free meals delivered after a hospital stay, Ryan and Denise are very professional and explain everything very well.

Melissa S.

Denise was very professional. she explained everything that i had questions about. i have talked to her several times and she is very knowledgeable in the services that they offer. I would highly recommend their services to anyone and have actually told family members.

Charlotte W.

I cant say enough about Ryan and his help with my mother getting her some insurance.. he does such a great job going through everything with her. He don't miss a beat.. thanks again

Bryan A.